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Pastor Chris' Monday Moments

  • 3.29.16 Monday Moments Collage

    Resurrection Moments: The Empty Grave

    Happy Resurrection afterglow family and friends!  I am so grateful to celebrate the resurrection of Christ!  It is the Superbowl of the Christian faith! Even though I know the story, I get invited into it deeper and deeper each time I reflect and celebrate.  It is my hope that this

  • 3.21.16 MM Collage

    Monday Moments: DUCC One

    Happy Monday family and friends!  Hope you are excited about moving into Spring, but more importantly the celebration of our Resurrected Savior this upcoming Sunday!  I know it has been a while since I have written the Monday moments, but I am back.  I needed to take some time to

  • DUCC Through the years

    Monday Moments: Going Beyond

    Happy Monday family and friends… I am overjoyed as I look back on this past weekend and the month of February.  We had an amazing anniversary month. I believe our church is in a great place. 2016 is now here, and this year has already begun with a BANG!  This