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Monday Moments: DUCC One

Happy Monday family and friends!  Hope you are excited about moving into Spring, but more importantly the celebration of our Resurrected Savior this upcoming Sunday!  I know it has been a while since I have written the Monday moments, but I am back.  I needed to take some time to spend with my family, and in that time I had the opportunity to reflect and remember why the Monday Moments exists.

Why the Monday Moments?

Monday moments began as a personal reflection that eventually went public.  I would privately journal and become overjoyed with the things that the Lord was doing in my life and the church and I couldn’t help but share.  The Monday Moments serve as an avenue to update and encourage people with what’s happening in the life of Pastor Chris and Divine Unity Community Church.  Also to keep people connected with us who are not local (in Harrisonburg).


One_GraphicDUCC One…
God is doing great things at DUCC.  We have been in a powerful series throughout the month of March entitled “ONE“, moving beyond our human divisions.  We are learning and emphasizing that the power of the gospel is seen in our UNITY with one another.  One of the stronger distinctives of our church is being multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-genrational.  We believe that DIVINE UNITY is the proper response to the Gospel of Christ.

It has been in God’s plan to reunite all nations under the banner of Christ for a long time (read Galatians 3:8 & Ephesians 2).  So it has been my prayer that we as a church will not simply be like a WalMart where you are around many different people from different backgrounds and culture, but people come and get what they need and leave without connecting with anyone! It is my hope that this series will deepen our unity and extend our reach to the world around us.  I hope that you take time to connect with someone who is different from you.  Someone who looks different, and is from a different background/culture. May we be a part of God’s answer to Jesus’ prayer (John 17:20-23).

We closed this series this past Sunday with a very informative and powerful Diversity panel that I am sure helped a lot of people go deeper in their faith!

Resurrection Season… 
It is the greatest season of the Christian faith as we celebrate the death, burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ!  We are gearing up for one of our biggest weekends yet!

Good Friday Service & Baptismbaptism2016
We will have an awesome power packed service on Good friday and celebrate many people making public declarations of their faith through water Baptism.  Join us at DUCC @7:30pm!

Resurrection Sunday:
PencilOpen-revWe have a special Resurrection Service planned out where we are combining all 3 of our services into one huge celebration service.  We want to encourage you to join us or if you are already planning to come bring somebody!  We are looking to reach the unchurched and those that do not have a relationship with Christ!  We are believing for over 500 people to join us Sunday morning at 10am in Memorial Hall!


Lastly… Welcome to the New Members of DUCC! We had 16 people who just joined DUCC!  They are as follow: Heather Baker, Miriam Beckwith, Robert Blackwell, Rebekah Burrough, Tomika Ferguson, Avenlea Howard, Stephen Howard, Alicia Lamb, Carol Lowry, Emily Maldonado, Jasmine Singletary, Latavia Taylor, Rachel West, Rebecca Wilt, Greg & Holly Zimmerman.

Congrats to each of you all!


Living with Expectation and Gratitude,
Pastor Chris 



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