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CURRENT LEADER:    Ben Aboagye


  • To provide high quality Audio and Visual (A-V) support for worship services and other events held at DUCC


This team is responsible for providing audio-visual (A-V) support for church services and events. This support includes (but is not limited to) providing microphone audio, video and audio recordings, slide presentation support, overflow room A-V and lighting. Furthermore, visual equipment and sound engineers operators are important members of the music ministry. Visual equipment operators are asked to arrive early so they can operate the slides while the praise team rehearses. The sound engineers are also asked to arrive early, and help the music team as much as possible. Members of the A-V team should be attentive at all times during the service and ready to make changes “on the fly” when necessary.



Vision – To create a community of authentic people living transformed lives.

Mission – Develop Disciples & Train Leaders

Valley ENC is the college ministry of DUCC and our local chapter of Every Nation Ministries.  ENC serves the campuses of James Madison University, Bridgewater College, Eastern Mennonite University, Blue Ridge Community College, and Mary Baldwin College. We desire to engage students with the gospel, establish them in the faith, equip them as workers in the body, and empower them to win their campus for Jesus Christ.



Mission: To organize people, things, information.  To manage team logistics, communicate information relating to the church calendar and building usage, and work toward keeping the day-to-day operations at DUCC organized and clear.

The Administrative Team oversees the business functions of the church. It functions to develop, organize, and direct an effective and balanced ministry of administration consistent with the mission statement and philosophy of DUCC.


CURRENT LEADER:    Destiny Kreider


  • To enhance Visual Literacy in the biblical context via illustrative sermons and images that guides the senses to receive the gospel message in a new way. Visual Literacy – making meaning of what is seen (an image)
  • To capture and emphasize the messages to His people through activities
  • To aid a spiritual discipline culture (devotionals, scripture readings, etc.)


The DUCE Team exists to support and enhance the weekly worship event (and other special gatherings) through the appropriate use of sound and lighting technology and more. This ministry seeks to enhance the worship space and other public areas at DUCC through the visual arts in such a way as to reflect the character of God, the mission statement of our Church, and the various seasons of the church calendar; thereby glorifying God, and edifying the body of Christ. This visual arts ministry plans and implements the decoration of the sanctuary, foyer, annex and more. They provide opportunities for artists (and members) to regularly contribute their talents to worship and provide expressions of the arts that reflect glory to God. Through the creating of environments, experiences are enhanced; engaging volunteers and focusing worshipers and participants on encounters that bring people into deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Divine Unity Community Kids (DUCKs)

CURRENT LEADER:   Pastor Gianne Harper


  • Create an environment where young children (members and guests alike) can experience the presence of God
  • Explain to children the stories of God (& His people)
  • Teach, model, and practice the movements and language of worship
  • Offer opportunities for young children to respond to God’s loving advances
  • Form personal connections with and among the children

At DUCC, we are as serious about instilling a passion for God in the younger generation as we are for our adults. We want to help children grow up in the Lord and partner with parents as they train their children to know and love Christ. This ministry is committed to being a conduit of healing and wholeness to a broken generation while nurturing their spirits, souls, and bodies. It is called to serve as a resource championing spiritual, educational, and emotional prosperity for young people and their families in the Harrisonburg area.

Divine Unity Community Kids seeks to create an environment where young children (members and guests alike) can experience the presence of God through worship, the Word, and fellowship.

D.U.C.Ks is steadily growing and developing in number and activities. The Nursery cares for little ones ages 3 months- 3 years old. Each Sunday, Children’s Church is offered during both services for kids 4-11 years old. There is a Middle School small group also available on Sunday mornings during the 2nd service (11am). We look forward to seeing you and your family!


David dances and explains that he worships unapologetically before the Lord in his own way (dance). He dances with all his might, unhindered by what others think about him.

Mission: To spiritually strengthen each other by sharing and developing our gift from God; worshipping by expressing gratitude through movements of praise to share the Gospel using the body, mind and soul.

It is the primary goal of this ministry to bring glory, honor and praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through dance. With a focus set to worship and encourage the body of Christ through movement; each member of the dance team is expected to be positive role models not only within the church, but in their daily life as well.


CURRENT LEADER:    Ashley StovallServing


  • Provide a variety of dining services for efforts such as church snacks, luncheons, and dinner events.
  • Manage food purchases and food preparation for DUCC events and programs.
  • Monitor food and provision inventory for the church.


Vision: To reflect the heart of Christ through hospitality, service, and ministration in contribution to make Divine Unity Community Church a home away from home to our brothers, sisters, and neighboring communities

Mission: To serve others by providing dining accommodations and services

The Hospitality Team ensures food is available at every church event or gathering. Although feeding the body is an important part of the team’s ministry; the hospitality team also encompasses other forms of hospitality, and plays a role in making DUCC feel comfortable for members and guests alike. It is important to note that the church as a whole assists the ministry by reflecting Jesus’ love for His people through kind words, prayer, and acts of service.



Vision: To get men activated in the purpose that Christ has for them and connected with other men of like faith for support and fellowship

Purpose: We believe when men get in their place the family, church, and the community gets in place

A group of committed men gather for prayer, support and fellowship as they discuss and learn from God’s Word. This group of men endeavors to model biblical manhood in today’s society. They meet at select times during the year for worship, teaching, and fun. Furthermore, they inspire and equip men to know the Word, teach it, and faithfully follow Christ as husbands, fathers, and friends.


CURRENT LEADER:    Cherelle Johnson

Vision: To see revived women living in the strength of their femininity.

The Women’s Ministry is a chapter of IronDresses, Inc., a Christ-centered women’s empowerment enterprise promoting strength in femininity. Provide leadership and vision for ministry to women in a way that expresses the vision and values of the church and encourage discipleship with God and God’s people in order to be sent on God’s mission


CURRENT LEADER:    Jumar PetersonMaintenance

SCRIPTURE BASE:    Ephesians 2:20-22

Purpose: the maintenance ministry is responsible for the upkeep of the church; to ensure that the facility properly meets the needs of the people
Mission: To organize and develop new and creative ways to maintain our church. Our hope is that during events at the church and our weekly service we can help to create a homely, inviting environment that will help make it easier for people embrace our motto of Welcome Home.

  • Supervise and provide the staff and members with the supplies and materials necessary to maintain the building and grounds
  • Encourage pride and ownership of the facilities in the entire membership

The Maintenance Ministry is responsible for the upkeep of the DUCC buildings, offices and external property (i.e.: church van), as well as supporting the ministries of the church and special projects. This ministry functions to maintain the church property inside and out by delegating work to members of the church as it deems appropriate; hiring work done as needed and provided for in the budget and advising the Board on major projects.

CURRENT LEADER:    Christopher B. JonesDUCC Marketing


  • Our purpose is to promote the love of Jesus Christ and share the impact He has made on our church community as a collective and as individuals
  • Our internal mission is to get the word out about what’s happening at DUCC to our members and increase attendance and participation at events
  • Our external mission is to do community service outreach programs to impact lives through Christ around our city, state, country and the world!


The Public Relations & Marketing Ministry advances the vision of our Pastors and the ministries; encouraging, promoting, inspiring and equipping DUCC to further advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the community—to the glory of God! As a church, we hope to win people by presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ—it’s not about developing flashy materials, expensive ad campaigns, or having bells and whistles on our website! Instead of ministering on the basis of people coming to us, our approach is to take the ministry to the people. We want to be known for our willingness to take the Gospel from within the walls of our building to affect the lives of those we come into contact. So, the church will experience growth because of mission rather than marketing. Effective marketing helps DUCC retain members, acquire new members, and spread the message of Christ locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. People would be baptized and saved; lives would be changed for the better in the name of Christ through the work of this ministry.

CURRENT LEADER:    Christopher B. JonesOutreach


  • To stoke the fire of local and global mission, ensuring that DUCC witnesses to the love of God in word and deed through direct support, facilitation, and communication regarding mission
  • To achieve a continual increase in member participation in mission


The Outreach Ministry provides coordination and oversight in the external participation of DUCC by means of enlisting and empowering members to serve in outreach capacities with our words, our works, and our wealth. Outreach is defined as an act of reaching out to our community and beyond. The objective is to provide meaningful outreach ministries for which members can give joyfully and help compassionately all of God’s children from our doorsteps to the ends of the earth. This is done through designing and implementing outreach ideas and activities in alignment with DUCC’s mission, vision, and core values.


CURRENT LEADER:    Angel MosleyDUCC Revive Ministry


  • To glorify God with our lives and our gifts of music
  • Display energy and model true joy for God while leading worship


Mission: to create an atmosphere of worship through music that invites the hearer into the presence of the Lord

The Music Ministry provides worshippers with the opportunity to lead people into the presence of the Lord under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. They provide worship through music for every service at DUCC; helping people on a journey from walking in the door to a place where they encounter God in a meaningful way. The responsibility lies with the Worship Team and the prayers of leadership to help create an atmosphere in which people can be led by the Holy Spirit into an encounter with God. Membership on the Praise Team (in any way) is a position of Christian leadership.




  • To help cast vision to Welcome Team Members as it strives to live out it’s purpose of welcoming members and guests

To provide a hospitable environment for guests and members at any of our events, ultimately welcoming these strangers as vital members of the body of believers at DUCC.


Current Leader: Brittany Dioszeghy


What could be better than helping each individual find their specific mission in our family?  We seek to strategiecally help individuals move from visiting –to attending –to family.  Join us to help develop each individuals place in the body of Christ!


Current Leader: Bill Evans

DESCRIPTION: What could be more fun than being the first impression every visitor sees as they enter our home space?  We seek to show the love, joy and care of Jesus to everyone entering our space as we safely direct and guide individuals to a parking space and on to our Worship Center then leave empowered (Safely) to change the world for Jesus.