Scripture Base:

Ezekiel 37: 1-14


To see revived lives, active to glorify God


Welcome Home!


  • To infiltrate the community by offering quality ministry of Word, worship, service, discipleship, and a home away from home. This is not about making one individual church grow, but the kingdom of God.
  • Launch ministry into the depths of the city by living out the word of God through participation in community efforts, ministering in and out of the church, the workplace, and school.



  • To unite the church, campus, and community through the love and work of Jesus Christ


DUCC Values:

  • Christ-like character
  • Community
  • Evangelism and Discipleship


Called by God, Connected to the people of God, Committed to the work of God


Meet the Pastors:

Johnsons Headshot 2017

Chris Johnson

Mosley's Headshot 2017

AJ Mosley

Andersons Headshot 2017

Marcus Anderson

McDonalds Headshot 2017

Roy McDonald